How I Salvaged a Broken Candle

One good thing about quarantine? The chance to finally get around to all those projects you always said you were going to do, but never did. Last Fall, I purchased an apple-pumpkin scented candle… only to immediately drop it, shattering its glass jar, as soon as I got home. The candle itself was still intact, so I never threw it out, determined to find a way to salvage it.

My opportunity came this week, when I realized one of my old scented candles was completely used up. I’ve been lighting candles more frequently lately, possibly out of a desire to make my tiny apartment feel cozier and less stuffy while I’m stuck inside. Finally, I had a sturdy, candle-friendly jar to transfer the wax from my broken candle into.

First, I needed to get the old wax and tiny wick stubs out of the old candle jar. Placing it in the kitchen sink, I poured boiling water into the jar. The boiling water started to break up the wax. As the water cooled, the wax collected on the surface. The boiling water also heated the jar enough that I was able to easily peel off the old label. After about an hour, once the jar was completely cool, I picked out the old wax with a plastic fork and a paper towel. Then, I washed out the jar with dish soap and warm water.

My new candle was just a little too big to fit into the jar, so I shaved off some of the sides with a sharp knife. When it still wouldn’t quite fit all the way, I placed the glass jar, with the new candle mostly inside, in a pot half-filled with boiling water. The boiling water heated the outside of the jar just enough that I could press on the top of the wax with my fingers, until it slid down and fit snugly at the bottom.

As an added bonus, I felt like a mad scientist performing experiments in my kitchen the whole time. Muahaha!


This might not be the most impressive or complicated project, but as someone whose craft skills are a little rusty (and who has a mild fear of fire) I’m happy with how it turned out, and my apartment is now filled with the smell of fresh apples and cozy pumpkins. Fall scented candles are the best ones, no?

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